Throalic Calendar

GM’s Note: The current Throalic Year is 1506TH. This is when the first edition of the game started and it’s where our game starts as well. There are a number of things happening that will have some spoilers in the timelines. Don’t worry too much if you read them as a lot will happen that is not in any Earthdawn books so you can still enjoy the story and events that will unfold in the campaign world for the next 14 years as we see what 1520TH brings.

The Throalic calendar divides the year into twelve months of thirty days each, each month beginning near or on a new luna cycle. The months are named:

Strassa (First Month)
Veltom (Second Month)
Charassa (Third Month)

Rua (Fourth Month)
Mawag (Fifth Month)
Gahmil (Sixth Month)

Each Day Celebration (5 Days Long)

Raquas (Seventh Month)
Sollus (Eighth Month)
Riag (Ninth Month)

Teayu (Tenth Month)
Borrum (Eleventh Month)
Doddul (Twelfth Month)

Between the months of Gahmil and Raquas, the Throalic calendar sets aside five days to celebrate the Earth. This five-day holiday reflects the calendar’s dwarf origin. Though the dwarfs use the moon cycle to count the passage of days, they also wish to pay respect to their true home underground. With their preference for subterranean life, the dwarfs seldom see the moon. Indeed, their use of its cycles is more for convenience than because of any spiritual attachment to it.

Throalic Calendar

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