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Welcome to information on our game. You will find notes on characters, places, items, rules and more here. Feel free to add stuff to this site. It’s our site and I’m happy to see updates from you guys on things I’ve missed or even things you would like to see more of.

I’m working on making Earthdawn OUR game and as soon I can add things that are not canon to the books the better. Let’s make our mark on the world and see how many people we can save, horrors we can send away and treasures and tales we can collect.

Throalic Calendar

The Throalic calendar consists of 12 months with 30 days and the remaining 5 days of the year being the Earth Celebrations holiday.

Rules & Changes

House Rules


Kaer Ardanyan
Town of Ardanyan
Serpent River

People of Importance

The King

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