An Unlikely Reunion

Bone circles and Toraf

A giant Bone Spirit forms inside the circle, screams ‘Chairlin will not be pleased’ and begins assaulting the group.

An elf named Toraf wakes up during the fight and assists us in dispatching the bone spirit. We converse with him, and after he clears himself of being tainted with a crafting test, we offer to let him travel with us.

We spend the night in the pyramid getting to know each other better. Discuss our adventure, and Toraff shares additional information about the 3 X’s map. The bone tube map has another mark, Mount Vapor, which is the great dragon Icewing’s lair.

Last session and this session LP gain: 1100 LP

Kratas to Farim

We took a ship down the river to Farim

Found some Throal guardsmen hunting cultists.

We head to a Temple of Raggok, because it was on the map, and Jorin Lightfood, a dwarf Throal scout, is overdue. We found the temple, and two dead dwarves with Throal insignias.

We trick the door guards, quickly dispatching them. We then confirm the identities of Jorin & friend. We continue our assault on the temple.

After clearing a few rooms, we find chests with 3 shortswords, 1 Dwarven sword, daggers, dwarf sized Throal armor, 225 silver, a bone tube, a nethermancer spellbook, unused parchment & ink & charcoal. Hrangar keeps the lock from a chest, the obsidian dragon sculpture sitting on an altar, which matches one that disappeared from our possession, and carries the bone tube (with the 3 x’s map) and the nethermancer grimoire for the group.

Newer excellent quality tapestries of Verjigorm hunting and feasting on different great dragons in a worship room. A valuable 3’ statue of Verjigorm on an altar.
The next room has a ring of bones, which screams when Gorth kicks the bones.

Need LP from Jason next time!

Hanging in Ardanyan n stuff

Borrum 18 we are back and hanging out for a brew. Much training, forging, researching and training was to be had.

Begin next adventure 18th Strassa 1506TH, in Ardanynn.

A pair of elderly elves help us understand Third Chance a little better. Third Times a Charm.

T’waingar gets a hit on the vile Illusionist Leldran being in Kratas 10 days ago.

We quickly gather some simple delivery jobs to Bartertown and head out for Bartertown. Arrive in Bartertown on the 20th, then head out for Kratas the next day. Arrive in Kratas the City of Thieves on the 30th of Borrum. We stay in the Drunken Dragon Inn in Merchants Row.

Two thief guilds are vying for control of Kratas. Vistrosh leads the Brocher’s Brood; and Garlthik One-Eye leads Force of the Eye.

A letter is delivered to our Inn Room the next morning, Jael is inviting us to do something adventuresome and ’Adept’y and meet him at midday at the Lamp Oil Tavern.

T’waingar haggled a merchant for a rough map of Kratas. Hopefully, we won’t get lost now.

Jael’s (a innkeeper boy) friend is an old elf with amnesia. He wants us to research his identity and will pay 800 sp each. He will find info on Leldran for us. He shows us an amulet, a paper map drawing, and 2 orichcalcum coins. We can investigate these items and ask questions next time.

Session Legend Points Earned: 650

Dogpile on the Pyramid Horror

The brave brave heroes enlist the help of Titoo to help discover traps and make their exploration easier.

They discover another altar room downstairs that is tied to the previous altars with threads. Beyond this room is a massive pile of bones and a elemental spirit that is bound next to a key locked door. Lily converses with the spirit to find the corruption is beyond these doors, and the horror killed all those creatures.

We buff up, open the door, and bravely engage the horror. It creates a 7 legged giant pet out of the bones to eat us, along with it’s own body, but we dispatch the horror before it manages to achieve such a feat.

We find cool stuff in the horror room.
Twin (2) Small Golden Statues
3 Rare metal coins (Orichicalcum)
Pair of Feral Bracers – thread item named – The Skeorx Sting

Copper Chain Necklace on the 2 pyramid zombies.

We poke around the rest of the pyramid, and when we go outside the village is long gone and is ruined over with age and no one is to be found. We headed back to Ardanyan to do downtime with our masters and such.

Legend Points +1000

The Pyramid delve continues

The virtuous adventurers regroup inside the pyramid to continue their investigation.
We try to wake up Lily, meanwhile she is running around in a ?dream?
Lily witnesses a spellcaster cast a ritual without a matrix, become horrified by something, and get sucked into a wall. She awakens.

Hrangar moves down the current hallway and encounters a similar purple red mass of plants which mystically beckons him to touch it. He realizes our Karma is inaccessible in this place.

An 18" Silver Statuette is found my Twaingar. Our exploration continues and we find a patch of moss being fed by a trapped Water Elemental, which Lily speaks with about how to help it. We don’t know how yet, but the pyramid may be keeping it trapped here magically.

Hrangar falls down a pit trap onto a stake, and finds the skeleton of a namegiver. The poor bastard had a brass key, but had nothing else of interest. A room with a raised Dias and wizardly runes are enscribed upon it. Lily discovers 2 threads woven into the Dias and pointing off into astral space in different directions.

Hrangar is accompanied by Lily in being stabbed by a blade trap. Hrangar is probably going to die. We continue to a room with a staircase going down. Hrangar looks down the stairs to make sure it’s clear, and a giant spider jumps on him injecting him with a wonderful poison. Twaingar exploits a couple of weak spots and quickly dispatches the spider with Hrangar and Lily distracting the beast. We continue on and Twaingar avoids a pit trap, uncovering two more skeletons. Twaingar takes a sword that possibly has a pattern.

We found a loop back to the front entrance, and we headed back to the village to rest from our wounds. We try to convince Tito to join us and find some local booster potions. We spend 2 days resting and training.

+800 Legend Points

Pyramid n stuff

We entered the pyramid.
We explored it by going down.
Lily n Twaingar slipped through a wall crack.
Lily touched a giant eye thingy.
She almost died.
They ran.
We stopped or something.

+800 Legend Points

Into the Servos Jungle... To get eaten?

The morning of Borrum 4th, 1506TH

We pack up camp and start tracking Titoo into the Servos Jungle.
Our trusty tracker points out that Tito is not alone as he headed into the jungle, maybe 6 humanoids.

As we follow an old small game trail, T’waingar’s mouth went numb when chewing on a leaf, Gorth babbles about tracking clues, Lily is enamored by the lush life of the forest, and Hrangar is plucking random plants to investigate later.

Suddenly, we hear a rustling to our front left and start stalking the noise. We tumble down a hidden drop off into a bog. We pick ourselves up and are ambushed by a swampy dude wielding a spear. After stabbing Mr Swampy, a horrendous stench is emitted and he doesn’t bleed normally upon taking a massive wound and being knocked down. T’waingar finishes off Mr Swampy with a deft stab to the throat. His skin is strange because it is oozy and moist waterlogged flesh, but oddly dry.

Mr Swampy was wearing a beautiful copper woven webbed necklace with carved stones. After examining it, it radiates power, but not thread magic, possibly ritual or blood magic?

+300 Legend Pts for awesome descriptions on our Roll20 macros n stuff.

We wander across a carved pillar that could have rituals upon it and some figurines that remind us of the lovely passion Garlen.

In a clearing nearby, we find a step pyramid the size of a football field. We approach the pyramid and are accosted by a mystic mental painful force. Upon the pain subsiding, we open our eyes to a clean pyramid and are surrounded by tattooed civilized human villagers with bronze skin.

Simple smiles, waves and ’hi’s are exchanged with the villagers until a half dozen spear guards arrive to arrest us as invaders. We explain we are explorers and prove it with Hrangar’s journal and perform non-taint artisan tests to show we are clear and not hostile. Sinenhlanhla the Mafmuni spearguard escorts us to their leader Unathi, an old woman smoking a cigar. She says ‘what took you so long?’ Then Tito steps out from the shadows sporting an 8 month beard.

+2000 Legend Points n stuff

Downtime at Ardanyan

Teayu 6th 1506TH
We spend 3 weeks back in Ardanyan training, forging, crafting and researching. And then we do it some more.

A simple dagger ‘Third Chance’ is discovered by Hrangar and knowledge was uncovered about it.

After we finish downtime:
The date is now 1st of Borrum (11th month) 1506TH

On this day, We form the Ardanyan Brotherhood, and swear a lot and blood something something n swear n stuff.

While hanging out in our favorite tavern (getting drunk or something of course!!!), our old friend Tito the Lightfingered happens upon us. He shares a map about old ruins a couple days south of Ardanyan on the edge of the forest. We head out the next day with Tito joining us.

After two days we arrive at the jungle, and camp for the night. Next morning we find Tito has disappeared and a large bear tries to maul T’waingar as he relieves himself at the tree edge. We manage to scare off the bear with our great skill and tactics.

We start packing up camp and Lily starts tracking for poor ole Tito.
+500 LP for Group Pattern, +1600 LP for our Adventuremakateing

Village of Hanto
We accost another 2 Grim Legionaires, an elf woman and male troll. We barely win and take them back to our camp. Lily scouts into town to see what is going on and meets with Orewia & Aardelea (the girl who is ‘cursed?’). Lily uses astral sight and discovers Aardelea has a pattern matching an adept instead of a normal namegiver or a tainted namegiver. They also inform Lily that the girl visited a cave northwest of town before gaining her ‘powers’. They suggest we check that out and maybe we could find some answers. After leaving our captives under the care of our off duty party members, we head off to the cave. The cave is a human size hole, which the obsidiman likely can’t fit through. Sad day :(

Hrangar & Lily head down the hole which is difficult to get down into, but opens into a larger cave. At the bottom we find a pile of refuse.

We hear a voice that says:
“Finally has arrived to, pages of leather, take your greatest for hunger and age.”
We are on our guard due to the strange voice. It seems distant and weak. After digging through the pile of refuse, we find a book or grimoire, with 2 different languages written on it. We search the cave and find a trapdoor with a unlocked magical strongbox in it. Inside is a fine wrapped linen, w/an obsidian sculpture of a common dragon, 9″×3″×3″ & weighing 20 lbs, light refracts off of it’s many colors. The sculpture has an astral pattern.

We hear a voice again. It says it gave a child power before it loses itself to time
Blue Spirit is it’s name & it’s the book apparently. The sculpture seems to be a part of the knowledge that is lost. These parts are the last parts of knowledge remaining for whatever this mystery is. It wants it’s knowledge to not be lost forever.

We head back to the party camp and discuss our options. Lily sneaks back in to town to discuss options with Orewia. They think we could convince the Grim Legion that she isn’t tainted by a horror with the items.

We approach the village to speak with Malta and actually get an audience with her. After chatting Hrangar asks to be checked for taint, our party is clear by Malta’s abilities. We make a blood oath with Malta & Qwaam to work together to discover if this is taint, and they will leave peacefully if it isn’t taint.

We spend a week investigating the book & statue. An ancient elven language of Sperethial is on the book. The voice is slowly fading over the week. I get a vision from it, a formless life in the shape of a glowing blue dragon gazing at me, as it goes to sleep and then fades away. It is a complex grimoire, beyond what any other grimoires are ever like. At the end of the week the book crumbles to dust, and Malta is happy that it is destroyed. I put the remnants of the book in a bag in the strongbox with the statue and we take them with us.

The girl is cleared of the blue powers and Malta & the Grim Legion leave the village in peace. The Village is happy. The girl admits to us that she still has her power, but she can hide it better now. She still has the pattern of an adept and could use a mentor, but we have no idea yet who could help her. We hang out a little, then head back to Bartertown & visit Charboyya for payment & praise for our heroism, etc, etc, etc.

We start doing research in the library for possible mentors, or something, for Aardelea, plus the stuff that I forgot that the other party members searched for.
Hrangar researchs for Blue Spirit, the book, statue and the box, and that it used to be a collect of knowledge with Ancient Sperethial, and what I assume is magic language & the dragon is maybe Blue Spirit. Our GM asked us for research rolls, I hope he wrote them down, but eh, not big loss if he lost them Also, Hrangar will use Item History on the Statue and Box on the trip back.

+ 680 silver each + 1600 legend points + 1 bag of book turned to dust + 1 magic strongbox + 1 magical dragon statuette.

Interrogating the Slaves... err... I mean Prisoners... Yeah, prisoners.

Nightvision goggles disengaged. The party of no-names begins interrogating the three insurgents captured the morning after the night incursion.

As it turns out we have found a female ork Archer: Bojoyzy Kofeeld, male human Archer: Damien Blacklog, and female human Wizard: Atheila Blacklog. They are clearly not capable in wilderness survival, and were carrying familiar medallions.

They claim the Grim Legion has taken over the town of Hando. A girl is supposedly horror tainted and they don’t want anyone leaving town. Their troll & windling were killed as they tried to escape. They actually were sent by Charboyya. Multa, the obsidiman nethermancer, is their crazy leader; Kwamm, an ork warrior, is second in command; along with maybe another 6 members, and possibly undead minions.

According to Gorth, the Grim Legion is now a group of ‘horror stalkers’ that are basically just a crooked group of extorters causing as much trouble as good. The true Grim Legion started during a dark time, the Age of Burning, and actually tried to stop the insect horrors before the Scourge.

We release them, provide them with food and first aid. They provide us with information about Hando & the Grims, then they leave for Bartertown.

We approach Hando and discover a wooden walled encampment surrounded by crops and pasture. We spend the day and night observing the town & it’s folk. Our attempt to approach the livestock caretakers was unhelpful. So we approached the front gate during daylight to gather info. The guard is a dick. He has 2 cadaver men with him, a troll and an ork.

We leave so we aren’t quarantined and head to speak with livestock keepers. We make a friend who confirms our suspicions about the Grim Legion being crooked and dicks. According to him, Multa daily tests/tries to figure out if the girl is tainted before maybe executing her. The girl helped a boy out of a well with unknown magic power. He goes back to his livestock.

Gorth acts injured and maybe sort of cadaver-ish. The two guards fire crossbows and we close for combat. The woman is knocked unconscious by Gorth, while the man is taunted, entangled and harried into submission. We leave a couple weapons and blood stains, but take the bodies into the wilderness with us. Both are alive. Hrangar shows the villagers the medallion and tells them we are allies. He instructs them to run back scared and report that cadavers dragged off the guards.

Awarded 2500 Legend Points bitches.


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