An Unlikely Reunion

The Halls
"Just take a peek and come back."

Some cave exploring and really lucky turns gets the group past some rooms, tunnels some krillworms and into the light of day.

The light of day only the Obsidiman has ever truly seen with his own eyes. You are all basking in the sight and terrifying wonder of an open world.

Leaving the Kaer

Year we begin is 1506 TH

  • Meeting of the masters
  • Bowl stolen by cultists/thugs
  • A chase into the caves and a return
  • Kaer guard investigates the events
  • Ceremony and they leave “Ardanyan’s Saviors”
  • Full Day passes. Stay at kaldarn’s Tavern.
  • Ghandjoon. Meeting.
  • Upandals Hammer
  • Quest “Just take a peek and come back.”
  • Mission starts that same night.
  • Mines, horror is still a threat. Be careful.
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