An Unlikely Reunion

Village of Hanto

We accost another 2 Grim Legionaires, an elf woman and male troll. We barely win and take them back to our camp. Lily scouts into town to see what is going on and meets with Orewia & Aardelea (the girl who is ‘cursed?’). Lily uses astral sight and discovers Aardelea has a pattern matching an adept instead of a normal namegiver or a tainted namegiver. They also inform Lily that the girl visited a cave northwest of town before gaining her ‘powers’. They suggest we check that out and maybe we could find some answers. After leaving our captives under the care of our off duty party members, we head off to the cave. The cave is a human size hole, which the obsidiman likely can’t fit through. Sad day :(

Hrangar & Lily head down the hole which is difficult to get down into, but opens into a larger cave. At the bottom we find a pile of refuse.

We hear a voice that says:
“Finally has arrived to, pages of leather, take your greatest for hunger and age.”
We are on our guard due to the strange voice. It seems distant and weak. After digging through the pile of refuse, we find a book or grimoire, with 2 different languages written on it. We search the cave and find a trapdoor with a unlocked magical strongbox in it. Inside is a fine wrapped linen, w/an obsidian sculpture of a common dragon, 9″×3″×3″ & weighing 20 lbs, light refracts off of it’s many colors. The sculpture has an astral pattern.

We hear a voice again. It says it gave a child power before it loses itself to time
Blue Spirit is it’s name & it’s the book apparently. The sculpture seems to be a part of the knowledge that is lost. These parts are the last parts of knowledge remaining for whatever this mystery is. It wants it’s knowledge to not be lost forever.

We head back to the party camp and discuss our options. Lily sneaks back in to town to discuss options with Orewia. They think we could convince the Grim Legion that she isn’t tainted by a horror with the items.

We approach the village to speak with Malta and actually get an audience with her. After chatting Hrangar asks to be checked for taint, our party is clear by Malta’s abilities. We make a blood oath with Malta & Qwaam to work together to discover if this is taint, and they will leave peacefully if it isn’t taint.

We spend a week investigating the book & statue. An ancient elven language of Sperethial is on the book. The voice is slowly fading over the week. I get a vision from it, a formless life in the shape of a glowing blue dragon gazing at me, as it goes to sleep and then fades away. It is a complex grimoire, beyond what any other grimoires are ever like. At the end of the week the book crumbles to dust, and Malta is happy that it is destroyed. I put the remnants of the book in a bag in the strongbox with the statue and we take them with us.

The girl is cleared of the blue powers and Malta & the Grim Legion leave the village in peace. The Village is happy. The girl admits to us that she still has her power, but she can hide it better now. She still has the pattern of an adept and could use a mentor, but we have no idea yet who could help her. We hang out a little, then head back to Bartertown & visit Charboyya for payment & praise for our heroism, etc, etc, etc.

We start doing research in the library for possible mentors, or something, for Aardelea, plus the stuff that I forgot that the other party members searched for.
Hrangar researchs for Blue Spirit, the book, statue and the box, and that it used to be a collect of knowledge with Ancient Sperethial, and what I assume is magic language & the dragon is maybe Blue Spirit. Our GM asked us for research rolls, I hope he wrote them down, but eh, not big loss if he lost them Also, Hrangar will use Item History on the Statue and Box on the trip back.

+ 680 silver each + 1600 legend points + 1 bag of book turned to dust + 1 magic strongbox + 1 magical dragon statuette.



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