An Unlikely Reunion

Moving Forward

Dibs on an Egg

Inside the roughly 10×15ft humid and warm egg room there are 7 pedestals but only 6 eggs sitting upon them. There is a door and beyond it is a hallway stretching as far as we can see roughly 60ft. Around 30 ft away we can see 2 figures that appear to be guards. They have ratty clothing and hodgepodge armor, as we get closer we notice the smell of death surrounding them. We recognize them to be cadaver men. After killing them and looking through their pockets we realize they had nothing of value and their only weapons being some shitty spears. Behind where they were standing is a door. Beyond it is a large room, roughly 20×50ft. Along the walls are shelves with many different types of jars and containers holding all kinds of herbs and salves. There is a stone bowl in the center of the room with a dark bubbling broth. The bowl is huge – several feet across. Above it is a stone slab, and on the stone slab is tied a weirdly familiar looking elf. There are also 2 windlings fluttering about but they have a freakish and creepy look to them. We shout, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO OUR FRIEND. WHAT DID YOU DO? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” One of the windlings replies, " Tyrlaan has important work." They attack, and we notice they are definitely not normal windlings – they are stronger and faster. One manages to stab Lily, not causing much damage but the room goes black. Everyone is screaming, especially Lily who is most definitely shrieking. Luckily Lily uses astral sight and is able to just barely make out the figures. As her companions attack and kill one of the windlings, Lily uses earth darts to murder the other to death.

We examine the broth- a blood broth with a horrible stench. The elf we recognize as the elf that sent us on our journey. We take him down from the slab and move him to some fresh air, he does not wake up. In the Northwest corner there is a a passageway to a smaller room, this one being very similar to the last. It also has a blood broth bowl in it with even worse smelling liquid in it. There is also a large-ish item in the broth. After using astral sight it is advised that no-one should touch the liquid, and because they all listen to Lily’s advice they manage to carefully extract what seems to be a 7th egg without getting any of the liquid on their skin. They clean off the egg and bring it with them to the next room. Within the next room we find 4 dwarf soldiers fighting 2 cadaver men. We join forces and make quick work of murdering them to death. We recognize the dwarves from earlier and we move onto the next room with them at our sides. They also happen to be wearing red shirts and none of them are named. As we enter the next room, we see that it is a bedroom. Inside are several beings, one is a powerful looking elf – he has a staff that appears to be made of an animal skull. “Doll Maker was a fool to send him against me!” the elf proclaims.

TLDR: We found the bad guy and next session we will try to murder him to death.



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