An Unlikely Reunion

Into the Servos Jungle... To get eaten?

The morning of Borrum 4th, 1506TH

We pack up camp and start tracking Titoo into the Servos Jungle.
Our trusty tracker points out that Tito is not alone as he headed into the jungle, maybe 6 humanoids.

As we follow an old small game trail, T’waingar’s mouth went numb when chewing on a leaf, Gorth babbles about tracking clues, Lily is enamored by the lush life of the forest, and Hrangar is plucking random plants to investigate later.

Suddenly, we hear a rustling to our front left and start stalking the noise. We tumble down a hidden drop off into a bog. We pick ourselves up and are ambushed by a swampy dude wielding a spear. After stabbing Mr Swampy, a horrendous stench is emitted and he doesn’t bleed normally upon taking a massive wound and being knocked down. T’waingar finishes off Mr Swampy with a deft stab to the throat. His skin is strange because it is oozy and moist waterlogged flesh, but oddly dry.

Mr Swampy was wearing a beautiful copper woven webbed necklace with carved stones. After examining it, it radiates power, but not thread magic, possibly ritual or blood magic?

+300 Legend Pts for awesome descriptions on our Roll20 macros n stuff.

We wander across a carved pillar that could have rituals upon it and some figurines that remind us of the lovely passion Garlen.

In a clearing nearby, we find a step pyramid the size of a football field. We approach the pyramid and are accosted by a mystic mental painful force. Upon the pain subsiding, we open our eyes to a clean pyramid and are surrounded by tattooed civilized human villagers with bronze skin.

Simple smiles, waves and ’hi’s are exchanged with the villagers until a half dozen spear guards arrive to arrest us as invaders. We explain we are explorers and prove it with Hrangar’s journal and perform non-taint artisan tests to show we are clear and not hostile. Sinenhlanhla the Mafmuni spearguard escorts us to their leader Unathi, an old woman smoking a cigar. She says ‘what took you so long?’ Then Tito steps out from the shadows sporting an 8 month beard.

+2000 Legend Points n stuff



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