An Unlikely Reunion

Town of Ardanyan... say what?

After quickly exploring the area surrounding the cave, we found humanoid tracks heading east. Following them, we quickly discovered a road leading to a town by the name of Ardanyan.

Upon entering the town, we started noticing queer reactions to our presence in a place that shouldn’t take any notice of us. Their reactions were not by taint from horrors, but instead, because conspirators attempted to arrest us by claiming we were slave traders. Thus, we uncovered a plot to keep the Kaer Ardanyan a secret from the town of Ardanyan and the rest of Barsaive. The famed elven weaponsmith Argethiel seems to be a key member in the conspiracy. He is the same Argethiel that accompanied the original expedition to surmise if it was safe to leave Kaer Ardanyan some years ago, which all ended in disaster with only Leldran the illusionist to safely return. Argethiel also appears to be one of the founding fathers of this town.

Our heroic escape from multiple warden adepts ensued by leaping through the windows of a tavern, jumping into the river, and letting the currents safely carry us away from danger. We quickly took refuge in the foothills and discovered a curious man who was also hiding from the town guard by the name of TItoo. Titoo divulged the whereabouts of our captive masters and his friends, all of which have been falsely accused of slave trading.

We have now snuck back into Ardanyan under cover of night to rescue our masters and friends.



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