An Unlikely Reunion

The Pyramid delve continues

The virtuous adventurers regroup inside the pyramid to continue their investigation.
We try to wake up Lily, meanwhile she is running around in a ?dream?
Lily witnesses a spellcaster cast a ritual without a matrix, become horrified by something, and get sucked into a wall. She awakens.

Hrangar moves down the current hallway and encounters a similar purple red mass of plants which mystically beckons him to touch it. He realizes our Karma is inaccessible in this place.

An 18" Silver Statuette is found my Twaingar. Our exploration continues and we find a patch of moss being fed by a trapped Water Elemental, which Lily speaks with about how to help it. We don’t know how yet, but the pyramid may be keeping it trapped here magically.

Hrangar falls down a pit trap onto a stake, and finds the skeleton of a namegiver. The poor bastard had a brass key, but had nothing else of interest. A room with a raised Dias and wizardly runes are enscribed upon it. Lily discovers 2 threads woven into the Dias and pointing off into astral space in different directions.

Hrangar is accompanied by Lily in being stabbed by a blade trap. Hrangar is probably going to die. We continue to a room with a staircase going down. Hrangar looks down the stairs to make sure it’s clear, and a giant spider jumps on him injecting him with a wonderful poison. Twaingar exploits a couple of weak spots and quickly dispatches the spider with Hrangar and Lily distracting the beast. We continue on and Twaingar avoids a pit trap, uncovering two more skeletons. Twaingar takes a sword that possibly has a pattern.

We found a loop back to the front entrance, and we headed back to the village to rest from our wounds. We try to convince Tito to join us and find some local booster potions. We spend 2 days resting and training.

+800 Legend Points



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