An Unlikely Reunion

Hanging in Ardanyan n stuff

Borrum 18 we are back and hanging out for a brew. Much training, forging, researching and training was to be had.

Begin next adventure 18th Strassa 1506TH, in Ardanynn.

A pair of elderly elves help us understand Third Chance a little better. Third Times a Charm.

T’waingar gets a hit on the vile Illusionist Leldran being in Kratas 10 days ago.

We quickly gather some simple delivery jobs to Bartertown and head out for Bartertown. Arrive in Bartertown on the 20th, then head out for Kratas the next day. Arrive in Kratas the City of Thieves on the 30th of Borrum. We stay in the Drunken Dragon Inn in Merchants Row.

Two thief guilds are vying for control of Kratas. Vistrosh leads the Brocher’s Brood; and Garlthik One-Eye leads Force of the Eye.

A letter is delivered to our Inn Room the next morning, Jael is inviting us to do something adventuresome and ’Adept’y and meet him at midday at the Lamp Oil Tavern.

T’waingar haggled a merchant for a rough map of Kratas. Hopefully, we won’t get lost now.

Jael’s (a innkeeper boy) friend is an old elf with amnesia. He wants us to research his identity and will pay 800 sp each. He will find info on Leldran for us. He shows us an amulet, a paper map drawing, and 2 orichcalcum coins. We can investigate these items and ask questions next time.

Session Legend Points Earned: 650



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