An Unlikely Reunion

Downtime at Ardanyan

Teayu 6th 1506TH
We spend 3 weeks back in Ardanyan training, forging, crafting and researching. And then we do it some more.

A simple dagger ‘Third Chance’ is discovered by Hrangar and knowledge was uncovered about it.

After we finish downtime:
The date is now 1st of Borrum (11th month) 1506TH

On this day, We form the Ardanyan Brotherhood, and swear a lot and blood something something n swear n stuff.

While hanging out in our favorite tavern (getting drunk or something of course!!!), our old friend Tito the Lightfingered happens upon us. He shares a map about old ruins a couple days south of Ardanyan on the edge of the forest. We head out the next day with Tito joining us.

After two days we arrive at the jungle, and camp for the night. Next morning we find Tito has disappeared and a large bear tries to maul T’waingar as he relieves himself at the tree edge. We manage to scare off the bear with our great skill and tactics.

We start packing up camp and Lily starts tracking for poor ole Tito.
+500 LP for Group Pattern, +1600 LP for our Adventuremakateing



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