A New Beginning

In 1993 Earthdawn was released to the world and I was hooked on the game. The way it explained why dungeons existed, wove the horrors into the world, the writing style and artwork all drew me into an amazing world I wanted to explore. A few friends got together and we played many hours of the game over the years.

Now we are returning to Barsaive over roll20 when schedules allow to play the newest 4th edition of Earthdawn with pieces of 3rd edition to fill in gaps that haven’t been released yet. New characters and adventures await.


The age of Earthdawn is an era of magic that existed thousands of years ago in our world’s dim past. Magic touched every aspect of the lives of men and women of the Namegiver races: humans, elves, dwarves, orks, trolls, windlings, t’skrang, and obsidimen. However, as the levels of magic rose, so did the dangers in the world. The rise of magic brought Horrors to Earth, creatures from the depths of astral space that devoured all life in their path. For four centuries, the peoples of Barsaive hid underground as the Horrors devastated their lands during the dark time that came to be called the Scourge.

Now, the people of the sealed kaer are ready to emerge to face the world and become heroic figures, accomplishing deeds so impressive that generation after generation will honor their memory in song and story. The world of Earthdawn brims over with legends, heart-stirring tales of famous adventurers told by the fireside to while away the night. Earthdawn player characters can become the figures in those legends. As they build their characters’ legends through play, they create the fireside tales that their descendants will tell about them. Gaining this heroic stature through daring deeds is as important a part of playing Earthdawn as any lesser gain in riches or experience.

The Story So Far…

One such group of heroes has emerged from a kaer and has found themselves stopping in Bartertown to take in the sights and get a handle on what is happening in the world. Only knowing an underground world that has been isolated for 300 years there is a lot to learn.

They helped a silk merchant’s home village where a girl with a strange gift lives and stopped the Grim Legion from taking here.

Traveling to the Servos Jungle they now are trying to find out what is going on this place that appears to be separated from the normal flow of time in the outside world. Something dark and sickening is at the heart of a pyramid and the namegivers living in the small village nearby has asked for assistance.

Cast of Characters

Gorth Obsidiman Warrior
Razmath Obsidiman Warrior
Obsidiman brothers that remember when the kaer was sealed and what the world was like before. They have been important in helping the rest of the group understand the vastness of Barsaive.
T’Wainghar Human Swordmaster
Lily Windling Elementalist
Hrangar Human Weaponsmith

An Unlikely Reunion

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