Kaer Ardanyan

On How Kaer Ardanyan Works

Four large halls carved out of existing natural caves make up the kaer. They are separated into three main domed halls — called Khar Rhuz, Shal’Minar and Okoros — used as living centers surrounding the smallest one, Council Hall, which is used for administrative purposes only. Today the kaer is home to about 3,200 Namegivers.

Each hall is illuminated by a large light crystal mounted in the center of its dome. It provides light during the day and fades to night and morning providing the illusion of dusk and dawn. Many smaller light quartzes set into the domes simulate stars during the night.

The first sub level is mainly used for storage and cooling food and rarely as living quarters. Lower levels are used to compost waste into fertilizer for the fields.

Elementals are bound to help purify and diver water from an underground river and purify and circulate air.

On Customs

Each hall has developed it’s own laws and customs while working towards the common goal to ensure survival of the kaer.

It is frowned upon to swim in the lakes of the kaer. Only Lake Vevenna in Shal’Minar is used for swimming, and everyone mostly ignores what the t’skrang do in Lake Vross.

By common law only certified merchants are allowed to trade in Council Hall. Shal’Minar barters only for goods of equal value while other halls trade for profit.

Minted coins are seldom used for trading; far more common is the practice of accumulating a certain debt before filling a transfer of money at Council Hall. Coins are used to pay smaller sums in taverns, inns and shops.

Being a neutral place, Council Hall is not open to everyone. Travelers must check in with the kaer guard regarding their destination and approximate duration of their stay. It is custom to spend at least one night at a local inn when visiting another hall.

People of Note

Sham’Sin – Elven Elementalist “Lily’s Master”
Mangrath Armbreaker – Troll Warrior “Gorth’s Master”
Elmar Firehammer – Dwarven Weaponsmith “Hrangar’s Master”
Spilvan the Red – Human Swordmaster “T’Wainghar’s Master”
Fohr Brosle – Dwarven Adept
Harg – Upandal’s Hammer owner Ork

Places in the Kaer


Council of Mages
The Gate Cult

Kaer Ardanyan

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