An Unlikely Reunion

On the Road to Hanto

The Gangsters leave Bartertown and head west for Hanto.

After several days of miserable rainy travel, we are ambushed at night by archers and a spell caster. Hrangar and Twaingar spend their efforts distracting the enemies by attracting arrow and spell fire into their shields and buttocks. Lily skillfully sneaks over to the enemies from above and proceeds to bombard the humans and ork into unconsciousness.

We take them prisoner for the moment and rest for the night.

We get 1400 Legend Points. We cheer, but it makes some of us grimace in pain.

Overthrowing the Caravan King

Gorth apprehends Newman, the caravan slave leader. The group tries to figure out who is in on the slave trading, and who is naively working for them.

6 slaves & manacles
Newman’s stuff = 1500sp, clothes, broadsword, studded leather armor, a dwarven letter = caravan manifesto
Jimbo’s stuff = broadsword, studded leather armor

We determined the drivers and two other guards are not accomplices. They are willing to help us move the caravan safely back to town… Which town though? We’re not sure yet.

After trying to convince Newman and Jimbo to help us find the real mastermind behind this plot, we realize they are just assholes, and head back to Bartertown to turn them in.

We kept & split the 1500 sp between us, and turned the rest over to the authorities. We spent half a day giving statements and explaining what was going on.

We gain a small reputation being honest name-givers and are recommended to a dwarven merchant, Charboyya. He wants us to travel to his hometown of Hanto with messages, since he last messengers have not returned. Lily, the merciless negotiator, convinces Charboyya to pay us 680 silver each for the job. We are provided with a map, letters, medallions for safe passage, and names of important townsfolk and the previous group of missing persons.

We bought horses, including the obsidiman.

9th month 1st day when you leave for Hanto.

His mom, Laveriel lives in the town, and Emberica is brother lives there too but has a temper. Orweia and her family are long time family friends. The town is lead by Chereca. All in the town are dear to him, however these are the ones he corresponds with the most.

2100 Legend Points received!! Because the library will totally understand what this means, and our name-givers magically know how many Legend Points they’ve earned. Muhahahahahahahahahaha… oh… wait what?

Plus. Attribute Increases are free cost when you increase in circle of your First Discipline House Rules

Leaving Bartertown for Eidolon guarding a Caravan

The gang spent a little time researching in the Great Library of Throal. The entire group actually showed up to play… at the same time!!!

After, they go job searching and run across a man, Bolof, in dire need of caravan guards.
At 500 silver each… he has to be in dire need. Or this is some pretty expensive stuff or an extremely dangerous route.

So hopefully we will lose half of our party on this trade route.

The caravan leader, Newman Barclay, warns to keep our noses out of the caravan’s stuff, and that Deep Steel is the true employer. Deep Steel is a powerful merchant or something & who runs multiple caravans.

Gorth’s lifesight discovers people are the cargo. He informs the party & that they are possibly drugged. During the night, Lily sneaks into a wagon to investigate. She discovers magic is being used, and a strange object on their leg. She is unable to remove the object and decides to inform her party. Upon getting out of the wagon, she is discovered by a guard who calls for help.

Barclay interrogates Lily. Gorth and Hrangar come to help her get out of trouble, but end up calling out Barclay on having illegal goods, i.e. slaves. The party & guards are drawing weapons and rolling initiative. The drivers are staying behind cover, but peeking out to keep track of what’s happening.

+1400 Legend Points to all party members

A silence of knowing
Gaming Session Notes for Friday night game


It’s been a few weeks…

A found son

Group successfully joins the fight, wins a match against “Biter” a huge ork and talks a dwarf into returning to his father.

A missing Son
Silver for a solved mystery

The owner of the Juggling Shadow Mant Tavern, Neleran’s son Gwaren is missing. The group chased a guy down and learned that he was seen at the Pit Fighting arena.

Able to determine the location of these secret fights and get entry inside after sunset. They witness Gwaren (spelling is wrong) has just lost a match against a another dwarf.

Exit Stage right
Take your Encore

Our intrepid heroes scurry through trap ridden tunnels, closely pursued by guards until they stumble upon a secret entrance to Kaer Ardanyan. An illusionary stone wall has provided the nefarious plotters a quiet passage to commit their deeds without impunity. Until now. The heroes returned their masters to the safety of the Kaer and unveiled the plot to the Kaer Council. But alas, the master illusionist Leldran who perpetrated the lies made quick his escape to continue his future plight upon other unsuspecting victims in other places.

The heroes have freed the Kaer from their earthen enslavement, and thanked the heroes heartily for their freedom.

Unknown is future that lies ahead, but together we pray to the passions that they succeed for the benefit of all.

At the end of this adventure, total Legend Points = 3700

Back to Ardanyan
Freeing our masters

From our previous installment, our heroes snuck back into town with the assistance of a local thief, Titoo. After scouting the council hall for entrances, we stole into the main floor under cover of night and moved to the basement.

After overpowering some strange guards and freeing our master from their cells. We searched for their possessions, and found some side rooms with their gear and additional gear. A small terrible shrine was also found. Gorth destroyed the shrine sensing it’s evil and discovered a possible escape tunnel. We leave our heroes following the tunnel to possible freedom.

Our masters need to be returned to safety, so we can put the clues together as to why our Kaer and the town have been concealed from each other. That the town council are the Kaer’s first scouting party instead of being dead as told by Leldran the Illusionist.

Town of Ardanyan... say what?

After quickly exploring the area surrounding the cave, we found humanoid tracks heading east. Following them, we quickly discovered a road leading to a town by the name of Ardanyan.

Upon entering the town, we started noticing queer reactions to our presence in a place that shouldn’t take any notice of us. Their reactions were not by taint from horrors, but instead, because conspirators attempted to arrest us by claiming we were slave traders. Thus, we uncovered a plot to keep the Kaer Ardanyan a secret from the town of Ardanyan and the rest of Barsaive. The famed elven weaponsmith Argethiel seems to be a key member in the conspiracy. He is the same Argethiel that accompanied the original expedition to surmise if it was safe to leave Kaer Ardanyan some years ago, which all ended in disaster with only Leldran the illusionist to safely return. Argethiel also appears to be one of the founding fathers of this town.

Our heroic escape from multiple warden adepts ensued by leaping through the windows of a tavern, jumping into the river, and letting the currents safely carry us away from danger. We quickly took refuge in the foothills and discovered a curious man who was also hiding from the town guard by the name of TItoo. Titoo divulged the whereabouts of our captive masters and his friends, all of which have been falsely accused of slave trading.

We have now snuck back into Ardanyan under cover of night to rescue our masters and friends.

The Halls
"Just take a peek and come back."

Some cave exploring and really lucky turns gets the group past some rooms, tunnels some krillworms and into the light of day.

The light of day only the Obsidiman has ever truly seen with his own eyes. You are all basking in the sight and terrifying wonder of an open world.


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