Third Chance

An old elven dagger that has a little damage and needs fixing.

weapon (melee)

This pre-scourge dagger is an interesting example of an old style of metalworking that was popular among the elves, but has some flair of dwarves influence. The mix of elf and dwarf design gives it a more functional feel to typical elven designs that may at times be a bit more artistic than other namegivers like.

Third Chance – dagger

  • STR +2
  • Min strength: 3
  • Size: 1
  • Weight 0.8 pounds
  • *this dagger feels light.

The dagger itself is eight and half inches long and has “Give up. Chance three” in elven. The woman who sold it to you explained the runes used really mean something different in the context and might better be translated as “I won’t give up no matter what and you should pry this dagger from my cold dead body.”, but it’s an older script so we don’t know for sure.

The woman went on to say “Maybe it’s just a reminder to the owner to never give up. Sometimes in life we have to just keep on trying something until we succeed. Unless you’re doing something really dumb.”


This dagger is a rare find and was possibly held by the human thief Yoln while involved in a skirmish helping the elves against some Horrors before the scourge. He had a wicked lucky streak that seemed to keep him from death. While rumors continued for years that he survived, nobody really knows as all records of his disappeared after helping the elven queen on some missions. No known enchantment on the dagger seemed to be the source of his luck, perhaps something else he had on him?

The dagger has a minor air enchantment on it that keeps the hilt cool to help keep it from getting all sweaty. The enchantment has grown old and if an Elementalist successfully re-enchants it with some true air the effect will return. It’s a comfortable dagger and has some cool history, but doesn’t do much beyond that.

Third Chance

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