Spell matrix Object Cloak

  • Spell Matrix
  • Enchanted to resist the rain
  • Windling sized

Lily has a rank two thread attached.


The cloak is an incredibly light weight, but very warm, soft material that is water resistant. It is dark purple and has the image of a dandelion being blown in the breeze embroidered on it.

This cloak was given to Lily by her teacher and mentor during her training. While the cloak is newer it’s based on pre-scourge items that allowed spell-casting adepts to keep their spells safe from the taint and corruption that was brought by the Horrors.

An additional enchantment of true air keeps the cloak from getting wet. If submerged long enough it may get wet, but during heavy rains it manages to shed all water from it. Keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

This cloak was especially designed for Lily and is Windling sized.


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