Elementalist Windling


Years ago, a sickness had begun to spread between the elves. Lily, having lived in the same area as the elves was friends with many elves. Several acquaintances of Lily’s had passed away by the time that she was 20- but nothing could prepare her for the death of her close friend Alinda. Alinda caught the virus when Lily was 25, and there was nothing that anyone could do. Lily visited Alinda every day when she was ill, and brought any remedy she could find to ease Alinda’s symptoms- but nothing she did could save her friend. After Alinda passed, Lily was crushed. Even though she knew many of the elves there, she did not want to go through the experience of another friend’s death. And although it pained her greatly, she left Shal Minar to go to Okoros.

The first thing Lily found in Okoros were the trolls. She saw their mighty strength and their crazy competitions and was intrigued. Stuck in a depression, she didn’t care much of the dangers of being so small and living in a trolls world. She flew about, stealing bits of food off of plates- getting swatted at as if she were a fly.

Lily met her bestfriend Hrangar, or as she calls him Gar, a little over 3 years ago. While she was flying about and discovering new areas of Okoros, when she noticed the most beautiful polished river rocks. She didn’t mean to steal it- and honestly she didn’t even mean to pick it up, but it was in her hands before she even realized it. When the owner realized what had happened he chased Lily around and around with a bucket of water in hand. She tried to give the rock back nicely, but fearing for her life she dropped the rock and took off. The shop owner chased Lily for several blocks until she flew into the window of a weaponsmith shop. Terrified and crying she flew right into the back of Hrangar’s head. He turned around to see the tiny windling and decided he had to help. She quickly explained what had happened and after a firm talk with the shop owner the mess was ironed out. Feeling indebted, she started helping with any embroidery or fine details in his weapons shop. As they worked more together, the became the best of friends. She acquired a habit for sleeping in Hrangar’s hood which she also loves to embroider, which means that Gar’s hood is often very colorful and fancy.

Lily is one foot and four inches tall, and weighs just 10 pounds. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She is 30 years old, which is young for a windling. She has a knack for haggling has a vast knowledge of edible/poisonous plants. Lily is also a member of the Ijandii clan in Shal’Minar.


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