Obsidiman Purifier


Novice Obsidiman 3rd Circle Purifier
Dex 14/6(d10), Str 21/8(2d6), Tou 16/7(d12), Per 12/5(d8), Wil 13/6(d10), Cha 10/5(d8)
Move 5; Karma 9; Init 5/d8 (4/d6 with buckler)
Physical Defense 9; Spell Defense 7; Social Defense 6
Physical Armor 3 (5 buckler); Mystic Armor 1 (2 buckler)
Unconsciousness: 37, Death: 46, Wound: 14, Recovery Step: 7/d12, Per Day: 3
Racial Abilities increased wound threshold +3, natural armor 3,
Talents -

1st Circle
Body Control 3, (11/d10+d8, Karma, increases unarmed damage)
Clay Skin 3, (10, 2d8, Karma, add result to death and unconscious rating, costs recovery test)
Karma Ritual 3 (x3 modifier)
Unarmed Combat 4 (10/d8+d6)
Wound Balance 3 (11/d10+d8)
Sprint 3, 9(2d6, karma, 1 strain, add rank to movement rate for that round)

2nd Circle
Life Sight 3, strain, rank x10 yards, rounds/rank
Defense 1 Physical Defense
Durability (7/6)
Swift Kick 3 (9 d8

3rd Circle
Spirit Talk 2 (1 strain, rank+Perception)

Skills –
Half-Magic Knowledge Nature & all that corrupts Nature (including horrors & misdeeds of the namegiver civilizations) 2
Knowledge Obsidimen History 1
Knowledge Barsaive History 2
Artisan Body Painting/Stone Carving
Speak Language – Dwarven, Obsidiman
Read Language – Dwarven, Obsidiman
Battle Bellow 1
Physician 1
Tracking 2 (7/d10)

Equipment –
Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Artisan Tools
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)
Nice Traveling Cloak (Dry)
Dry Boots
Bark Shield (2 physical armor, +1 mystic armor, -1 init penalty, +2/1 deflection)
Light Quartz
1,231 silver pieces
15 copper pieces

Kitty 2 sp

Kaer Ardanyan
Legend Points 20260/20100
(WAS 150/6,900)


Gorth and his brother Razmath (Obsidiman Warrior) were alive before the sealing of the Kaer and stayed at the Kaer because they could not make it back to the Life Rock before the horrors seiged the world.

Gorth is 7’10" (large for an Obisidman) black stone Obisidman and has the paints he wears of a warrior which mean something for Obisidman but he has not spoken about it,,,or much of anything for that matter.

Gorth is stern and quiet and seems to follow some sort of unknown code of behavior. Gorth also seems smart and seems to know a little about just about everything.

Gorth has a bare chest and wears loose dark green pants. He has paints on his chest and arms in red and blue. He has a large bark shield strapped to his back.


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