An Unlikely Reunion

Overthrowing the Caravan King

Gorth apprehends Newman, the caravan slave leader. The group tries to figure out who is in on the slave trading, and who is naively working for them.

6 slaves & manacles
Newman’s stuff = 1500sp, clothes, broadsword, studded leather armor, a dwarven letter = caravan manifesto
Jimbo’s stuff = broadsword, studded leather armor

We determined the drivers and two other guards are not accomplices. They are willing to help us move the caravan safely back to town… Which town though? We’re not sure yet.

After trying to convince Newman and Jimbo to help us find the real mastermind behind this plot, we realize they are just assholes, and head back to Bartertown to turn them in.

We kept & split the 1500 sp between us, and turned the rest over to the authorities. We spent half a day giving statements and explaining what was going on.

We gain a small reputation being honest name-givers and are recommended to a dwarven merchant, Charboyya. He wants us to travel to his hometown of Hanto with messages, since he last messengers have not returned. Lily, the merciless negotiator, convinces Charboyya to pay us 680 silver each for the job. We are provided with a map, letters, medallions for safe passage, and names of important townsfolk and the previous group of missing persons.

We bought horses, including the obsidiman.

9th month 1st day when you leave for Hanto.

His mom, Laveriel lives in the town, and Emberica is brother lives there too but has a temper. Orweia and her family are long time family friends. The town is lead by Chereca. All in the town are dear to him, however these are the ones he corresponds with the most.

2100 Legend Points received!! Because the library will totally understand what this means, and our name-givers magically know how many Legend Points they’ve earned. Muhahahahahahahahahaha… oh… wait what?

Plus. Attribute Increases are free cost when you increase in circle of your First Discipline House Rules



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