An Unlikely Reunion

On the Road to Hanto

The Gangsters leave Bartertown and head west for Hanto.

After several days of miserable rainy travel, we are ambushed at night by archers and a spell caster. Hrangar and Twaingar spend their efforts distracting the enemies by attracting arrow and spell fire into their shields and buttocks. Lily skillfully sneaks over to the enemies from above and proceeds to bombard the humans and ork into unconsciousness.

We take them prisoner for the moment and rest for the night.

We get 1400 Legend Points. We cheer, but it makes some of us grimace in pain.


According to T’waingar: “Awe hell Chewbacca, we were attacked on the night of the 7th in the 9th month in 1506 TH my awesome companions”

On the Road to Hanto

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