An Unlikely Reunion

Leaving Bartertown for Eidolon guarding a Caravan

The gang spent a little time researching in the Great Library of Throal. The entire group actually showed up to play… at the same time!!!

After, they go job searching and run across a man, Bolof, in dire need of caravan guards.
At 500 silver each… he has to be in dire need. Or this is some pretty expensive stuff or an extremely dangerous route.

So hopefully we will lose half of our party on this trade route.

The caravan leader, Newman Barclay, warns to keep our noses out of the caravan’s stuff, and that Deep Steel is the true employer. Deep Steel is a powerful merchant or something & who runs multiple caravans.

Gorth’s lifesight discovers people are the cargo. He informs the party & that they are possibly drugged. During the night, Lily sneaks into a wagon to investigate. She discovers magic is being used, and a strange object on their leg. She is unable to remove the object and decides to inform her party. Upon getting out of the wagon, she is discovered by a guard who calls for help.

Barclay interrogates Lily. Gorth and Hrangar come to help her get out of trouble, but end up calling out Barclay on having illegal goods, i.e. slaves. The party & guards are drawing weapons and rolling initiative. The drivers are staying behind cover, but peeking out to keep track of what’s happening.

+1400 Legend Points to all party members


“I should’ve known the pay was to good to be true” Hrangar


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