An Unlikely Reunion

Interrogating the Slaves... err... I mean Prisoners... Yeah, prisoners.

Nightvision goggles disengaged. The party of no-names begins interrogating the three insurgents captured the morning after the night incursion.

As it turns out we have found a female ork Archer: Bojoyzy Kofeeld, male human Archer: Damien Blacklog, and female human Wizard: Atheila Blacklog. They are clearly not capable in wilderness survival, and were carrying familiar medallions.

They claim the Grim Legion has taken over the town of Hando. A girl is supposedly horror tainted and they don’t want anyone leaving town. Their troll & windling were killed as they tried to escape. They actually were sent by Charboyya. Multa, the obsidiman nethermancer, is their crazy leader; Kwamm, an ork warrior, is second in command; along with maybe another 6 members, and possibly undead minions.

According to Gorth, the Grim Legion is now a group of ‘horror stalkers’ that are basically just a crooked group of extorters causing as much trouble as good. The true Grim Legion started during a dark time, the Age of Burning, and actually tried to stop the insect horrors before the Scourge.

We release them, provide them with food and first aid. They provide us with information about Hando & the Grims, then they leave for Bartertown.

We approach Hando and discover a wooden walled encampment surrounded by crops and pasture. We spend the day and night observing the town & it’s folk. Our attempt to approach the livestock caretakers was unhelpful. So we approached the front gate during daylight to gather info. The guard is a dick. He has 2 cadaver men with him, a troll and an ork.

We leave so we aren’t quarantined and head to speak with livestock keepers. We make a friend who confirms our suspicions about the Grim Legion being crooked and dicks. According to him, Multa daily tests/tries to figure out if the girl is tainted before maybe executing her. The girl helped a boy out of a well with unknown magic power. He goes back to his livestock.

Gorth acts injured and maybe sort of cadaver-ish. The two guards fire crossbows and we close for combat. The woman is knocked unconscious by Gorth, while the man is taunted, entangled and harried into submission. We leave a couple weapons and blood stains, but take the bodies into the wilderness with us. Both are alive. Hrangar shows the villagers the medallion and tells them we are allies. He instructs them to run back scared and report that cadavers dragged off the guards.

Awarded 2500 Legend Points bitches.



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