An Unlikely Reunion

Exit Stage right

Take your Encore

Our intrepid heroes scurry through trap ridden tunnels, closely pursued by guards until they stumble upon a secret entrance to Kaer Ardanyan. An illusionary stone wall has provided the nefarious plotters a quiet passage to commit their deeds without impunity. Until now. The heroes returned their masters to the safety of the Kaer and unveiled the plot to the Kaer Council. But alas, the master illusionist Leldran who perpetrated the lies made quick his escape to continue his future plight upon other unsuspecting victims in other places.

The heroes have freed the Kaer from their earthen enslavement, and thanked the heroes heartily for their freedom.

Unknown is future that lies ahead, but together we pray to the passions that they succeed for the benefit of all.

At the end of this adventure, total Legend Points = 3700



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